We have had a few customers contact us when they are unable to hear sound in our apps. Please note that there are no known sound issues with our apps, and sound issues in the past have always been resolved through changing the sound settings on the iPad! 

Here is a video showing the most common solutions to sound issues on iPad:

Please ensure you have tried the following suggestions to resolve sound issues:

  1. Ensure the volume is up and the sound is not muted on your iPad (you can confirm by trying another app with sound - please open an app rather than playing music). 
  2. Ensure that the volume is up in the 'control centre' (swipe up from the bottom of the first page on your home screen to see the control centre):
  3. Take the iPad out of any cover that it may be in so you can see the mute button and ensure the volume is up.
  4. If you are on iOS7 or above, please ensure that the mute button is not selected on the hidden grey bar that can be pulled up from the bottom of the page
  5. Please double tap the 'home' button and remove the app from the currently active apps at the bottom of the screen by swiping the app upwards off the screen. 
  6. Restart the App

If the problem still exists after trying the suggestions above, please

  1. Do a 'hard reset' on your iPad by holding down the home button and the off button (at the same time) for 5 or so seconds. Then restart your iPad and try the App.
  2. Check that the mute button is not set to "lock rotation". To change this you need to set the mute button back to the muting function under "settings".
  3. Try using headphones to see if there is an issue with your speaker settings.

If you continue to have difficulties, please don't hesitate to contact us and we will be very happy to help you!