Yes, you have total control over all activities including targets to be included (with the 'custom activity' option) and start/end score adjustments. From the main menu, you can adjust the following settings to change the number of times the student needs to correctly identify each target and the level of scaffolding support:


The ReadingDoctor teaching system uses memory aids or mnemonics to help the student  learn new skills. Use the mnemonic adjustment buttons to adjust the level of mnemonic support given to the student at the beginning of the activity. You can indicate whether you want the activity to start with or without mnemonics.

Select "With Mnemonics" for beginning students who require scaffolding support. Select "Without Mnemonics" for students who are starting to master the activity.


Select the "Manual" button in the scoring box to manually adjust the start and end scores for the tiles in the activity. The start score determines how much support the student will receive at the beginning of the activity. A higher start score will mean the student receives less support at the beginning of the activity. The end score determines how many times the student must provide a correct response before a target is completed and removed from the activity.

Use lower start and end scores for beginning students, and higher start and end scores for students who are mastering the activity. The best way to become familiar with this feature is to experiment with various settings and play the activities yourself before trying them with  students.

So for example, if you wanted to have a student practice just discriminating between 'b, d and p' (in LetterSounds 1 Pro) and you wanted full scaffolding support at the beginning of the activity with 8 correct responses required to complete a tile, you would:

1. Tap 'Custom Activity'

2. tap b, d and p

3. set the 'start score' to 0 and the 'end score' to 8

tap the tick to begin (you can also save the custom activity if you wish).

Note that these adjustments are identical for LetterSounds 2 Pro, and that you can always:

1. tap and hold the help icon and drag it to an area on the screen to learn about what that feature does

2. tap the little question marks (see image above) to hear about what that feature does.