Yes. The program is ideal for children with dyslexia.

Children with dyslexia have significant and unexpected difficulties in learning to read and spell. These difficulties are typically related to a difficulty in forming links between the sounds in language and the way these sounds are represented with writing - in other words, difficulty in using the sound structure in language to crack the code in written language.

The program is ideal for children with dyslexia, since it is based on a multisensorysynthetic phonics approach to teaching reading designed to strengthen many of the skills found through research to be important in 'cracking the code' of written language, including: 

  1. phonological awareness
  2. phonemic awareness
  3. letter-sound knowledge
  4. blending
  5. segmentation
  6. sight-word recognition

For more information about dyslexia, please see:

The British Dyslexia Association Website