Every skill covered in the program has corresponding flashcards which are available from the 'Flashcards' menu (accessible from the 'Main Menu'). It  is very important to print these flashcards and follow-up activities with games in which students are required to verbally name the targets being practiced in the program. Note also that these flashcards have adjustable mnemonics (memory aids) which should be changed depending on how confident students are with the skills being taught. 

For example, following a letter-sounds activity, print out 2 copies of the letter-sounds flashcards, one with mnemonics and one without. Use the flashcards to play 'Go Fish'. If the student is a beginner, use flashcards with mnemonics. If the student knows some letter-sounds, use a combination of cards with and without mnemonics, so that letter-sounds the student is confident with don't have mnemonics while letter-sounds that are still difficult do. If the student makes few errors in the letter-sounds activities, use flashcards without mnemonics to facilitate automaticity and fluency in naming letter-sounds!