Sometimes the password reset tool does not function correctly due to a file permissions error. To reset the password manually:

Locate the "options.db" file in the "dbs" folder and delete the file "options.db"

The easiest way to do this is to: 

1. search for the file "options.db" using the Windows search tool or locate the folder "LearningScience/ReadingSounds 1 Pro/dbs"

        For Windows XP:          

On your computer desktop
                                  1. Right Click on 'Start'
                                                    2. Click 'Explore"
                                                    3. Navigate to the 'Program Files/LearningScience/ReadingSounds 1 Pro' folder
                                                    4. Click on the folder and navigate to "dbs" folder

        For Windows Vista/Windows 7/8: 

The process is as above, except the folders are located in the 'Program Data' folder
        (you may need to 'unhide' hidden folders in 'Control Panel' to find it.
2. ensure that the file "options.db" is in a folder called "LearningScience/ReadingSounds 1 Pro/dbs" 

3. if so, delete "options.db" file

4. the password has now been reset to the default, 'readingdoctor'.

If you continue to have difficulties:

Deleting options.db resets the password to 'readingdoctor' but sometimes the password cannot be entered because the system font size is larger than will fit in the text box. Please go into control panel and ensure that the font size is set to '100%' (rather than 125%, etc).

If that still does not resolve the problem, please contact us!