Please note that you will need to request that we perform a 'manual reset' of your licence, allowing another activation of your network version before you follow this procedure (you will receive an error otherwise).

To reinstall the server software, please follow these instructions:

On the current server:

1. Ensure that the CMServer.exe process is not running (please run CMServer.exe /u if it is)

2. Ensure that the CMServer application is not running (just look in the taskbar, then 'right click, exit' if it is)

3. Delete the WX folder with the CM folder in it (usually in 'documents and settings/all users/WX' for Win XP or 'program data/WX' for Win Vista/7)
4. Delete the entire folder containing the CMServer.exe program

On the new server:

1. Download the latest RS1P server software from here (this link also includes the latest client installer). Please do not skip this step - it is not possible to install to a new server by copying folders from your old server:

You can download the ReadingSounds™ 1 Pro Network Version Installation Package from:

by entering the link above into your internet browser to download the file.

There is an installation guide (Installation Guide - ReadingSounds™ 1 Pro Network Version.pdf) in the zipped folder. 

2. Follow the instructions under 'Installation of the Network Server' on page 3 of the manual to install on the new server.

3. Redirect the existing client machines to the new server by following the instructions here: