The server details that clients use to connect to the server are located in a folder called "WX". There is an INI file in that folder which needs to be adjusted to redirect the client to the new server. Please note that you will need to be logged in as an administrator to implement changes and "Hidden Folders" must be set to "Visible". This solution assumes that you had client machines running successfully with your previous server.

Please follow these steps to redirect your client software:

1. Locate the WX folder 

The location of the WX folder varies depending on which version of Windows your client software is running on.

  • On Windows Vista/7/8, it is in Program Data/WX.
  • On Windows XP, it is in Documents and Settings/All Users/WX

2. Find the ReadingSounds 1 file located in \WX\RS1PRO\cm

3. Open the ReadingSounds 1 file with notepad (or similar) and change the IP address to the IP address of the new server. 

I you are using the option to share student data and you have also moved the location of the shared data folder, you will need to redirect your clients to the new shared data folder by modifying the paths specified in the .ini files dbs.ini and records.ini. These files may be found in the installation directory for the Reading Sounds 1 Pro program (e.g. c://Program Files/LearningScience/ReadingSounds 1 Pro Net).