Occasionally, the trial version "freezes", or an "Unexpected Error Occurred When Running the Game" error occurs after running the trial version. 

The ReadingSounds™ 1 Pro trial runs successfully on most systems. Difficulties are usually caused by certain firewalls interfering with the software. If you experience difficulties with running the program once you have downloaded it, please temporarily disable your firewall. The easiest way to do that is to switch off your internet connection while running the ReadingSounds™ 1 Pro trial. 

This error can occur on some systems running the trial version of ReadingSounds™ 1 Pro for the following reasons:

(These issues occur only in the trial version - once activated the program does not require access to the internet)

1. Your firewall may be interfering with the program

The ReadingSounds™ 1 Pro trial version is protected by Activemark technology and needs to be able to pass through your internet firewall to run 


- please try temporarily disabling your firewall and run the program again
- please try temporarily disconnecting the internet (pull out the internet cable or turn off your modem) and run the program again

2. After initially installing the program, this error may occur as a consequence of a Windows issue. Simply restarting the computer should fix the issue.

Please note that these issues do not affect the full version of the program as once your license is activated the software no longer needs to send any information over the internet.