If you have purchased a network license, you can set up individual installations of ReadingSounds™ 1 Pro to be network installations. A network installation allows the use of ReadingSounds™ 1 Pro on any number of machines on the same network. The number of simultaneous users allowed to use the program at any given time is determined by the type of network license you have purchased.

A network installation requires slightly more setting up initially. Before installing ReadingSounds™ 1 Pro on the computers which will run the program, your Network Administrator must first install the Network Server software on a server of your choice. The client machines will communicate with this server when running the program.  

The Network Administrator will need a ReadingSounds™ 1 Pro Network Activation Code (configured to allow network installation) to activate the installation on the server.

If your school allows internet licence validation, your Network License may also allow Roaming Licences. These licenses enable you to temporarily allow users to remove one or more of your network users to a remote machine. For example, you may wish to use ReadingSounds™ 1 Pro on a laptop away from your network for a number of days.

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