Yes. RS1P includes an inbuilt help system to help you learn about the various features in the program.


The first time you access the various menu screens in the program, you will hear a voice which provides instructions about the purpose of each menu screen. If you want to hear these instructions again at any time, or if you want to stop the audio, press the question mark on the ReadingDoctor® logo at the top right of the screen:


To learn about a specific setting in the program, click the help button in the corner of an option box.


While in an RS1P menu, move your mouse over something and information will appear in a yellow frame at the bottom of the screen.


If you need more detailed information, this manual may be found in PDF format on your desktop. The manual is also available from within the program.


To access the program manual from within the program:


From the Main Menu screen:

1.       Click on Options and Manual

2.       Click on Read the Manual


The manual will open in your default PDF file reader.