The Login New Student screen allows you to create new student records or select existing student records for students who will use the software. When a new student record is created, a data file containing the student’s progress reports, individual settings and test results is created. Every time the student uses the software, this information is updated and saved automatically. 


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Creating a New Student File


To create a new student record:


  1. Click on an <empty> student record field 
  2. Type the student’s name (if a student is entering their name and forgets to include a capital, the program will convert the first letter into a capital letter)
  3. Press ENTER

The student data file has been created, and the student’s name is selected. To change the selected student, simply click on an existing student record field. The currently selected student is displayed at the top of the screen. If this area is blank, a student has not been selected. Once you have selected a student, press the red “tick” button to go to the Main Menu screen.


To delete an existing student record:


1.       Click on an existing name

2.       Click the rubbish bin

3.       Type the administration password (the default password is ‘readingdoctor’) and press ENTER

4.       Confirm file deletion


There is no limit to the number of students which may be entered in RS1P. Once a page is filled with student names, the program will automatically generate a new page of empty student record fields. The program automatically arranges the student names in alphabetical order. When more than one page of student names exists, use the arrow buttons to navigate between pages.