It is possible to move data between program installations if both machines are running the same version of ReadingSounds™ 1 Pro?

To move student records and custom activities from one computer to another:

On Windows XP:

On your computer desktop
1. Right Click on 'Start'
2. Click 'Explore"
3. Navigate to the 'Program Files/LearningScience/ReadingSounds 1 Pro' folder

To transfer Student Files and Databases:
4. Copy the folders 'dbs' and 'Student Records', replace the 'dbs' and 'Student Records' folders on the new computer with these folders

To transfer custom activities:
5. Copy the folder 'Custom Activities' , replace the 'Custom Activities' folder on the new computer with this folders

On Windows Vista/Windows 7:

The process is the same, except the folders are located in the 'Program Data' folder

If you have any difficulties with this process, please contact us!