Reason: Install Network Version of ReadingSounds executable file over a Network using Group Policy

Application: MSI wrapper. Wrap a executable file in a msi passing through arguments to suit custom install


Step 1: Install Reading Doctor Network version on a Test Machine by running ReadingSounds_1_Pro_Net_Setup.exe and follow the prompts.

Step 2: On the same Test Machine, Download MSI Wrapper Application - One can be found here -

Step 3: Install and Open MSI Wrapper Application.

Step 4: Follow prompts, Locate ReadingSounds_1_Pro_Net_Setup.exe and name the MSI Output accordingly. Press Next

Step 5: **This is important to uninstall the software. Lookup Application Id from installed version of Reading Doctor on your Test Machine. Press Next

Step 6: Information describing your installation package. Leave as default, Press next.

Step 7: Leave default - Press Next

Step 8: ** This is where you would pass your arguments ** - SEE Available arguments on our Network Installation Guide - Found on Page 13.

Please note, you may choose to pass your customised .INI Files with -IniDir Argument. Please see Page 13/14 of Network Installation guide.

Step 9: Click Build. Save your settings for future customization. 

Step 10: Your .msi file will now be available to deploy via Group Policy. Please ensure ReadingSounds_1_Pro_Net_Setup.exe is in the same shared folder.

****Always test .msi file first, before production.****