ReadingSounds 1 Pro is licensed per computer, so each installation is specific to each PC for the individual licences. It is, however, possible to install the trial version with the CD-ROM that comes with the program on as many PCs as you like, so you can have the full version installed on one machine but use the trial version (which lasts for 7 days) on any other computers you need to use it on.

For use in schools, we recommend our network licences. Such a licences are usually preferred in school settings as they allow the program to be installed and run on any computers in the school, with the type of network version determining how many computers can run the software simultaneously. So for example, you could have the program installed on 100 computers and run 5 concurrently with a 5 user network licence. Such a setup allows for students to use the program anywhere in the school. Another advantage is that computers can be reformatted etc without the need to reactivate the program.