While we do not have the resources to create custom MSIs for every school, you can easily wrap our installer for deployment via an MSI with your specific network share settings. This should not take more than five minutes.

To do so, please follow these steps:

  1. Download our network version installation package and locate the client setup file (ReadingSounds_1_Pro_Net_SETUP.exe)
  2. The setup process will use pre-customised .INI files which have the settings for the ReadingDoctor® Server and centralised student data in the client.ini, dbs.ini and records.ini files. To get the necessary INI files to use for the silent MSI installer we recommend you:
    • Perform a manual installation on a test workstation, configured to use the ReadingDoctor® Server and centralised data method, as described in the installation manual.
    • Copy the client.ini, dbs.ini and records.ini files from the installation folder (ie. "Program Files\LearningScience\ReadingSounds 1 Pro Net") to a shared folder that will be used when preparing your MSI package (eg. \\SomeFileServer\RS1PRO_Data\ini), such that the MSI installer can copy them to the current client machine.
  3. Download and run 'Free MSI Wrapper', available from here: http://www.exemsi.com/download
  4. Click "Next"
  5. Point the application to ReadingSounds_1_Pro_Net_SETUP.exe and click 'Next'

  6. Find the 'Application Id' by clicking 'Look Up' and finding 'Reading Sounds 1 Pro (Network Version) from the list. Under 'Upgrade Code', click 'Create New':
  7. Click 'Next' three times, until you reach the 'Parameters' page. Under 'Install Arguments'. Under 'Install Arguments', please type: "\SP \VERYSILENT \SUPPRESSMSGBOXES -IniDir \\SomeFileServer\RS1PRO_Data\ini", where "\\SomeFileServer\RS1PRO_Data\ini" is the location of the ini files on your server, as described in step 2. Under 'Uninstall Arguments", please type "\SP \VERYSILENT \SUPPRESSMSGBOXES" then click 'Next':
  8. On the next screen, click 'Build'. This will build an MSI which you can then use to deploy the client.