In summary, ReadingDoctor® software provides a scientifically based, fun and highly effective solution to teaching vital skills to beginning and struggling readers. It facilitates fluent, independent reading ability through teaching children to ‘break the code’ of written language, while establishing a strong knowledge of irregularly spelt, frequently occurring words which cannot be decoded using common letter-sound patterns.

Rapid advances in technology, the ever-increasing affordability of home computers and children’s insatiable appetite for using information technology makes computer based teaching and remediation systems a key solution to providing effective literacy instruction. We are confident that after using RS1P, you will be convinced that it is the most effective computer based system of teaching foundation literacy skills available.

Please take a few moments to read the manual to ensure that you get the optimum benefit from ReadingSounds™ 1 Professional. Note that RS1P is not designed to be used by students without any supervision. The most effective method of quickly understanding how RS1P works is to read this manual and spend time learning about the various features in the program before introducing activities to students. We suggest that you print the manual and experiment with the features of the program while you read.

We hope you enjoy using ReadingDoctor® Software. If you have any suggestions or comments that may help us improve our software, please do not hesitate to contact us. Yours Sincerely, The LearningScience® Pty Ltd Team