We are currently working on ReadingSounds™ 2 Pro. This program will include all of the most common longer graphemes. It will also include the ability to create activities with any combination of those graphemes in blendingsegmentation and word grids tasks similar to those in ReadingSounds™ 1 Pro. The program will include more difficult sight words. We expect it to be ready by mid of 2014. There will be a beta testing period during which we will ask volunteers to evaluate the program and give us feedback.

The ability to read and spell longer graphemes such as 'igh' and 'sh' is crucial for effective decoding and encoding ability when reading and writing. The objective of ReadingSounds 1 was to teach beginning and struggling students the most critical aspects of decoding when coming to the task of learning to read. Children learning to read and struggling students benefit enormously from explicit work on blending and segmenting longer graphemes. The objective of ReadingSounds 2 is to extend the skills learnt while using ReadingSounds 1 and teach children to blend and segment using longer graphemes, as well as recognise and discriminate bewteen more difficult sight words, such as "though" and "thorough'.

ReadingSounds 2, will include all of the most common letter patterns. It will include an enormous library (6000+) of words for inclusion in fully customisable blending/segmentation activities. Here is a list of some of the letter patterns that will be included:

Vowels 1
ai like in rain
igh like in light
ay like in play
ee like in see
oi like in coin
ow like in owl
oy like in boy
aw like in paw
ea like in sea
ea like in head
oa like in boat
ou like in around
oo like in spoon

Vowels 2
ew like in chew
ue like in blue
ui like in suit
ie like in babies
oe like in toe
eigh like in eight
ow1 like in blow
oo1 like in book
au like in caught

r controlled 1
ur like in turn
er like in her
ir like in bird
or like in fork
ar like in car

r controlled vowels 2
wor like in word
ore like in shore
oor like in door
oar like in roar
air like in chair
are like in share
ire like in fire
ear like in earth
ear like in hear
ng patterns
ang like in fang
ing like in wing
ong like in gong
ung like in lung

long and short single letter
a like in apple
a like in alien
e like in egg
e like in emu
i like in insect
i like in ice cream
o like in orange
o like in open
u like in umbrella
u like in ute

Common Endings
_ture like in creature
_le like in little
_tion like in nation
_ive like in give
_all like in ball
_ly like in friendly
_ous like in famous
_ful like in painful
_ey like in key
_able like in vegetable
_ind like in find
ang like in fang
ing like in wing
ong like in gong
ung like in lung
Hope that helps!