The program is designed to help all children who need to strengthen/establish foundation literacy skills. It is suitable both for children learning to read without literacy difficulties, and for children with reading and writing impairments such as dyslexia.

Within the non-reading impaired population, the program is ideally suited for children between the age of approximately four and eight years (Kindergarten to year 3). We have used the program with younger children, however we find success varies depending on factors such as attention span and ability to use a mouse. You can read more information about using the program with very young children here:
The program is also designed for students who are having difficulties learning to read and write. Older children who still struggle with foundation skills such as letter-sound knowledgeblendingsegmentation and sight word recognition will benefit from work on these skills, and the program has been designed to not be patronising for them. We have successfully used the program with students up to the teenage years in the clinic. Research shows that even adults with specific learning difficulties such as dyslexia continue to find many of the skills taught in ReadingSounds™ 1 Pro difficult. We have experienced enormous success in using ReadingSounds™ 1 Pro with students who struggle with reading and writing in our clinic.

For older students, it is useful to explain that the software is designed to 'fill in the gaps' that may have been left from earlier years. Once students accept this, we find that the gameplay in the program is suitable for a wide range of ages. You can find more information about using the program with older (8+) children here:

If your child struggles with reading and writing, we strongly recommend an assessment by a psychologist or speech-language pathologist specialising in literacy difficulties. Your psychologist or speech-language pathologist may be able to guide you in setting up appropriate activities in ReadingSounds™ 1 Pro, as well as provide you with further guidance and recommendations in order to be able to help your child to reach their potential. We also recommend getting in contact with your local SPELD (Specific Learning DifficultiesAssociation). SPELD may be able to offer you expert tuition. If you are in Adelaide, you may also consider contacting us for an appointment at our clinic (Adelaide Speech Pathology Services). We are a group of professionals specialising in reading and writing difficulties. Our clinic phone number is 1300 669 446.
To get a feel for the ReadingSounds 1 Pro program, its theoretical background and its features, we suggest you view our introductory videos which may be found here:

You can find a copy of the manual here – it may also give you a better idea of what is in the program: ... Manual.pdf

The best way to get a feel for the program is to download a free 7 day trial from our website and to spend some time getting familiar with it before trying it with your child.
If you have any questions and cannot find the answers in our FAQ/knowledgebase, please contact us!