Yes - it is possible to use the program with younger children, however the success of the program will depend upon factors including:

  1. your child's language skills
  2. how ready your child is to use a mouse
  3. your child's ability to concentrate on one task for a period of time. 

We have used the program successfully with younger children, but remember that it is normal for very young children to have poor attention spans and fine motor skills!  Before you begin using the program with your 3 year old child, be sure to read the manual and have a thorough understanding of how to customise activities so that you can:

  1. reduce the number of items on the screen during activities (for example, start with just 2 or 3 letters in the letter-sounds activity)
  2. increase the level of multisensory scaffolding support during activities (for example, reduce the end score to 2)
  3. set activities up so that sessions are short 

The best way to determine whether the program is suitable for a very young child is to download the demo version, have a thorough play with it yourself and then try it with your child. If your child is not ready, be sure not to put pressure on them - if you pressure them with any type of learning you will put them off. Learning MUST be fun! Learning to read involves many skills that you can strengthen during play before your child is ready to start 'breaking the code'. We recommend you do some research on strengthening phonological awareness and vocabulary / language skills to help you prepare your child for reading before using the program with younger children.