ReadingSounds 1 Pro provides an excellent vehicle for strengthening foundation skills that may have not been well established in previous school years. In our clinical experience, a high percentage of children aged 8+ with reading difficulties have poorly established foundation skills (such as basic letter-sound knowledgeblending,segmentation and recognition of the 1st 200 sight-words).

The activities in the program have been designed to be as non-condescending as possible. We were aware that older students may be using the software so avoiding 'babyish' elements was an important aspect in our design. We have had great success using the program with older students in our clinic (and with adults, too).

In using the program with older students you may want to consider:

  1. Explaining the purpose of the program to the student and the importance of strengthening foundation skills
  2. Turning off the reward animations and sounds (especially for adult students)
  3. Turning off the encouragement sounds (especially for adult students)