This problem is caused by one of the following issues:

1. The shared student data folder/s do not have adequate permissions for the program to write data 

2. The shared student data folder/s are not named correctly or have been deleted  

3. The path specified on the client machines to the shared student data folder/s is not correct  

To configure centralised data sharing:


· ReadingSounds 1.2 Professional Network Version

· Windows File Server or any network shared folder

Manual Install

This setup is recommended for network installs to allow student information to be stored in a central area such that the same information can be retrieved regardless of the client PC being used.

Firstly, create a new network share or a sub-folder  under an existing network share to be used by ReadingSounds.  Ensure write access is granted to the folder to be used by ReadingSounds.

Ensure that there are two sub-folders under the chosen location with write access named:

· “dbs”

· “student records”

When running the client installer, select “Network Share” for the data storage mechanism and enter the root shared folder as a UNC path. This process is described in more detail below.

Client Installation

Once ReadingDoctor® Server is running, your protected software must be installed on the workstation computers you would like to run the program on. To install RS1P network version on a workstation computer, you will need the “ReadingSounds_1_Pro_Net_SETUP.exe” file, which may be found  on the CD-ROM or USB drive you were provided with after you purchased your Network Licence, or if you downloaded the program, in the RS1P Network Version Installation Package (in the ‘ReadingSounds_1_Pro_NetVIP\Client Software’ folder).

To install RS1P network version on a workstation:

1. Save the “ReadingSounds_1_Pro_Net_SETUP.exe” file to a location on the workstation’s hard drive (e.g on the desktop).

2. Open the file by double clicking on it. Follow the instructions on the screen to install the program.

3. Enter the details of the ReadingDoctor® Server Host and Port as was used during the setup of the Server during installation.

4. If this software install will be connecting to the server hosting the centralised student data, ensure you select “Network Share” and enter the path to the files.

ie. If you created a shared folder such as "RS1PRO_Data" on a server named "SomeFileServer", then the path to use in the installer would be \\SomeFileServer\RS1PRO_Data.


The client installer will attempt to write a test file into this area, so it will notify the current user if the permissions on the shared folder are insufficient.


Please refer to the network version installation manual if you require more information.

If you continue to experience issues, please contact us.