If you install the trial version of Reading Sounds 1 Pro and you get a message saying that your trial version has expired, one of two situations may explain the message:

A. You have previously installed the trial and it has expired. If you would like to continue using the program, please purchase a licence.

B. Occasionally, the trial mechanism may report that it has expired even though you haven't used the trial before. If this occurs, please follow these steps to fix the issue:

  1. Uninstall the program (under Control Panel, select 'Add / Remove Programs', then uninstall Reading Sounds 1 Pro)
  2. Locate the 'WX' folder, which is located under C:/ProgramData. If you cannot see the ProgramData folder, please ensure that 'Show hidden files and folders' is selected under 'Folder Options'.
  3. Delete the 'WX' folder
  4. Reinstall Reading Sounds 1 Pro

Please contact us if you need assistance!