We have moved our server and we need to redirect existing clients to the new server but we have the program running on hundreds of computers. Is there a script available that can be used to redirect clients to the new server IP address?

Thanks very much to Chris from St. Francis Lockleys for the following Visual Basic (.vbs) code. the code needs to be pasted into a .txt file, then change the extension to .vbs

Please note that this code snippet is provided as is and must be implemented by an experienced network admin!


SourceFolder = "\\SOURCE\" <------this is the location of the adjusted ReadingSounds 1 Pro.exe.cm.ini file with the new IP address

CopyContents = "ReadingSounds 1 Pro.exe.cm.ini"

DestinationFolder = "c:\ProgramData\WX\RS1PRO\cm\" <------this is the location of the .ini file with the new IP address

Set FSO = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")

Set WshShell = createobject("WScript.Shell")

Set Source1 = FSO.GetFolder(SourceFolder)

Set Source2 = Source1.SubFolders

Set Source3 = Source1.Files

For Each s12 in Source3

if Instr(1,s12.Name,CopyContents,1) then

FSO.CopyFile SourceFolder + s12.Name, DestinationFolder

End If



Hope that helps!