The PC program, ReadingSounds 1 Pro, is a comprehensive program that teaches and strengthens the following essential literacy skills: 


  • Letter-sound knowledge  (Knowledge of the letters or groups of letters which represent the individual sounds in language) 
  • Phonological awareness  (Awareness of the sound structure of language) 
  • Phonemic awareness  (Awareness of the individual sounds in words) 
  • Blending  (The ability to join sounds together to make words) 
  • Segmentation  (The ability to break words up into separate sounds) 
  • Sight word recognition  (The ability to recognise the most common words in written language) 
  • Auditory discrimination  (The ability to tell the difference between similar sounds or words) 
  • Articulatory awareness (Awareness of how sounds are made by the mouth and articulators) 
  • Visual discrimination (The ability to tell the difference between visually similar letters or words) 
  • Word knowledge (Vocabulary) 


The program includes following activities:


  • Letter Sounds
  • Blending
  • Segmentation
  • Consonant Blends
  • Sight Words
  • The "e" rule
  • Word Grids


In addition to these activities the PC program has a number of features (not included in the apps) including: student testing, student record keeping, progress monitoring and customisable flashcards for printing. More information about ReadingSounds 1 Pro may be found here:


Four of the above activities found in the PC program have now been made into apps. These are Letter Sounds 1 Pro, Blending Sounds 1 Pro, Spelling Sounds 1 Pro and Sight Words 1 Pro. More information about these apps may be found here:


In addition to these apps we have released 2 other apps that are new and different to the PC program.  These are Letter Sounds 2 Pro and WordBuilder. Letter Sounds 2 Pro, targets a higher level skills than the PC program,  focusing on teaching the longer letter-sound patterns like 'igh' and 'sh'. More information about Letter Sounds 2 Pro may be found here: 


Word Builder is different to all the other apps in that it dosen't have activities or games, but is a teaching tool that helps you to demonstrate how regular words are constructed with letter-sound patterns (90 letter sound patterns are included). More information about Word Builder may be found here:


If you would like further clarification regarding the differences between the programs, please contact us!