Change Password 

The default password in the program is ‘readingdoctor’. The password is used to protect program files and settings from unauthorized access by unsupervised students. The default password may be changed to a password of your choice. 

To change the default password: 

1. Click Change Password 

2. Enter the old password (if you have not previously changed the password, the default password is ‘readingdoctor’ 

3. Enter the new password 

4. Confirm the new password by retyping it (this is required to avoid spelling errors) 

If you have forgotten your password, you may reset the password to the default password (‘readingdoctor’) using the ‘Reset Password’ feature. To reset the password: 

1. Exit ReadingSounds™ 1 Professional 

2. Access the ReadingSounds™ 1 Professional program group by selecting 

START -> All Programs->ReadingSounds™ 1 Professional 

3. Click on Reset Password 

4. A confirmation message is displayed. The password is now ‘readingdoctor’