To upgrade your license, please ask your network administrator to:

1.      Stop ‘CMServer.exe’

Stop the ‘CMServer.exe’ service or application, depending on the preference you indicated during installation (if you need help, there is more information about how to do this in the manual, which is in the package you downloaded when installing the network version).

2.      Locate the ‘ReadingSounds 1’ file

Usually the file is in the same directory as ‘CMServer.exe’ - the server software for RS1P, or in a folder called “WX”. Please do a search for the file on the root directory if you cannot find it.

3.      Write “ForceWebCheck=Once” in the [Main] section of the ReadingSounds 1 file.

You can do this by opening the file with notepad, making the change, and saving.

4.      Run the server software (CMServer.exe).

CMServer.exe will display your ‘Product Activation Code’ and ‘Installation Code’, and prompt you to enter an update code.

5.      Go to to get an update code using the Product Activation Code and Installation code.

6.      Enter the update code.